Sitemap - 2024 - The Creative Shift by Dan Blank

Focus your time, energy, and attention (Clarity Cards session #2)

Stop trying to please the algorithms

Welcome to Clarity Cards! (session #1)

This distance between you and your readers

How to prepare for creative work

My mom and Muhammad Ali

Do you need the muse in order to create?

This simple creative exercise changed my life

Embrace your creative boundaries

No one knows what works, but doing stuff works

How I'm launching something new

The myth of how we create

Will people pay for your writing or art?

Invest in your unique creative voice

Lessons from my most popular post ever

To be seen as a writer or artist

What if finding your readers feels impossible?

Your next act

How AI is changing the creative process

Celebrate your unique creative voice

Measuring success beyond subscriber & follower growth

Don't fit in

Find the time, attention, and space to create and share

On caring

Why I have a typewriter collection

The craft of how you share

Give Readers Multiple Ways In to Your Writing

Lessons From My First Year on Substack

How I Engage with Readers (plus: earthquake!)

Sharing with Purpose: Lessons from Mister Rogers

Your voice deserves to be heard

Your Writing + Readers = Magic

An introverted writer's guide to sharing

What artists in their 90s are teaching me

How to get engagement on Substack

Every reader counts

Studio tour, part 2! Changes I'm making to my creative space.

Honor and preserve what you create

What do you want people to feel?

Writer regrets (and how to avoid them)

Creative Success Often Feels Like Failure

Yes, you can just write

Creativity, productivity, and momentum

A reintroduction, and please introduce yourself!

Lessons from a snow day

Launching Two Books in Six Months, a Case Study

Find joy in writing and sharing

Do Less (to create more of what matters)

No one knows what works

Share Consistently & Without Stress: The Ultimate Editorial Calendar Case Study

How to never run out of ideas for what to write and share

Moving beyond 'Likes' to real connections with readers

Navigating Creative Burnout

Don’t settle for minimum attention

Studio Tour! Behind-the-Scenes of My Creative Space

Find your readers

Moving Past Social Fear to Connect With Readers, Writers, and Colleagues